My interest in drawing & sport has grown into a profession I have pursued for over 15 years.
Now, I am a design director in the active sports industry, developing brand identities, logos, typography, collections, graphics, & multifaceted projects.

I have had the opportunity to work with Lego & Google, have received several awards at global festivals, including the Cannes Lions. I frequently share my experiences through specialized publications & channels. As a highly skilled graphic design professional, I collaborate with other specialists & teams. I assemble & lead teams of specialists for various projects.
This charming woman in winter is my mom Irina. She lives in Russia & has a best Japanese breed dog kennel.
I love wildlife, forests & trees, when I can cuddle tree & speak with it
My wife and two kids, Danila and Matvei. They are 7 and 3 now.
I'm not sure I'm such a fun guy. Sometimes I need to smile more. But I enjoy working in a drive teams. For example, when designing a board in collaboration with a famous rap artist.
I like coming up with new things, drawing by hand in my variation sketchbook, typing in new experimental fonts and taking photos.
I took up Qigong, also i do cycling, snowboarding, longboarding, surf a bit, and my biggest love is Quinny Long Board Stroller.
Water, buckwheat flour bread, fresh vegetables, kohlrabi crunch, Portuguese cheese, and apple pastille.
I've lived to be 37 without a TV and my kids don't watch it either. i don't care about trends, all i'm concerned about is that everything we do is genuine.
My first real teacher and master was Dima Barbanel — famous Russian designer, publisher and curator.

I'm really inspired by our worldwide type community PlayFaces. Which somehow matches me vibrant, driven and motivated. Here I feel that i'm still young.
Looking through the viewfinder of Hasselblad 500 series.

Urban fog.

Old streets.

Glass refraction.

And some funny ads.

Earnestly pray, a church choir, church bell song.
To watch a film where every frame is a masterpiece. (Tarkovsky, "Stalker")

Wood chip smell.
Early techno, broken beat and jazz music.
Proportions and modular structures of the constructivist era.

When I know all the people in the place where everybody knows me too.
Spot something unusual
in the usual.

When a lot of people notice what I do and enjoy it.
Do crazy art and design practice with kids and seen their results.

Take part in great inspiring projects.

Always fun, drive and no looking back!
I'm a designer and this is essential part of my life, my worldwide, my breath.
Thank you!